Citron: all in Website solution

Citron: all in Website solution

Since 2017, Citron is specialized in building websites for clients all over the world. Based in Indonesia - Yogyakarta, Citron is now using its long experience to develop and enrich its own content mamagement solution.

Citron is not only bringing to its client an easy tool, it also focusses on the content of its client. Nowadays, the texts, the pictures, the videos counts a lot in the future positionning of the website.

Citron is continuously enriching its content management system, to give to its client the best user experience possible. By systematically simplifying its own tool, Citron hopes that more and more companies will have visibility online.

A different approach

A different approach

Many IT web agencies today are approaching the clients by the design. Of course design counts, but is appears that it is still very difficult for the companies to produce their own content.

A website project is an introspection, and the hability to express what is making ones company different, better.

At Citron, we are focusing on the copntent and on structuring the project of our clients. By bringing a very clear and simple solution, it appears that the clients involve themselves in the project, because they simply understand it. 

Of course, we don't put on a side the design. As the web in general is facing a simplification on its structure due to the massive usage of mobile devices, the design approach is becomming replaced by the user appraoch, which is a way simplier.

Having 1 unique template with 1 000 possibilities makes sense.

This is the appraoch of Citron and its Content Management Solution.



Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, all those complete software allow you to build your website. Still, it is often too difficult for the large majority of people to deal with those tools, because it requires either coding knowledge or graphical skills.

With our content management system, you don't need to have any of those skills to produce your awesome website and maintain your content. You can really focus on your content. Yet, if you don't have good quality elements, Citron is giving you the service to build it.

Just play around with the possibilities of our system. By taking out the design approach, we built a very easy to use software that either allow you to buit your own website easily, either producing a lot of websites witin a minimum of time.

Our solution is content oriented. There is no bigger issue then to start with a blanc page. Our solution is guiding you all along on your website project. Just fill the boxes with your wonderful pictures / videos / texts.

Enjoy your playful experience.



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