Upload your awesome content

Upload your awesome content

Our Content Management System is made for those who don't have any knowledge about IT. This system allows anyone to manage his content as easily as if he should upload his Facebook page or his Instagram account.

Our Content Management System is really easy to understand and to use.

The final user would actually upload only 4 kind of content :

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Photo albums
  • Youtube Videos

To upload those content, we are using :

  • A rich text editor (like a super light version of Word)
  • A picture uploader - Instagram like
  • Mass upload picture feature - Facebook like
  • Youtube video links

Load your pictures

Load your pictures

At Citron, we realized that most of the people don't have any knowledge about Photoshop, nor any other software to manage their pictures. Saying that, almost everyone is able to load pictures on their Instagram account, or other social network. Our system took inspiration on the simplicity of Instagram to load pictures. 

Our system is doing the job for you.

Just choose your best pictures, and load them from your laptop. The system is allow you to zoom and place your picture inside the place holder until you reach satisfaction.

It also crop directly your picture, and compress it to its optimized size and resolution, in order to lighten your page weight.

Upload your Videos

Display your wonderful Youtube videos on your website. 

Just copy paste the Youtube link of your video in our system, and all your users can see it.

Display as many Youtube Videos as you want !

Enjoy this playful feature !

Type your texts

Type your texts

Our Rich Text Editor alows you to write directly from your admin console your awesome texts. Il alows you also to decorate it with different features such as :

  • Fonts : Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript, subscript
  • Paragraphs : Right align, Center, Left align, justified
  • Lists : Bullets, Numbered
  • Indentation : Left, right
  • Links : Ad hyper links to your texts
  • Headings : set title from level 1 to 6

With this tool, you can format your text as you want, without damaging your website. Even easyer then Microsoft Word

Create your photo albums

With our website builder, you can create your photo albums and display them all over the different sections of your awesome website.

Just select your pictures from your laptop or tablet, drag and drop all of them at once to create your photo album.

You can create as many as you want and share your beautiful pictures all over your website.

Discover this very useful feature in our CMS.

We integrate PIXABAY library

We integrate PIXABAY library

Because sometimes, you don't have the proper picture to illustrate your content, it is very convenient to look for the perfect illustration in an external picture library.

With more the 1 300 000 FREE pictures, Pixabay offers to its users the possibility to find the very best one, FOR FREE.

And because it is one of the best at the moment, guess what. We integrate Pixabay library into our system. Now, you can look over 1 300 000 free pictures to illustrate your banners, slide shows and paragraphs.

Explore the massive possibilities of Pixabay with our website builder.

Change the font everywhere

Change the font everywhere

Our system includes a font picker for each important element of your website.

  • Title
  • Captions
  • Navigation
  • Button
  • Paragraph

Our system is loaded with web font picker, guarantiing that everyone will see the same style all over the world.

Have fun playing around with this awesome tool, and personalize your website !

Be colourful

Be colourful

Change the mood of your website with our instant colour picker, and customize lots of elements of your website.

You can change the colors of :

  • Header
  • Background
  • Text
  • Button

Have fun playing around with our color picker !

Create a blog

Create a blog

Add a blog into your website and share fresh news or interesting article about your activity.

It is the best way to catch the attention of your users, and to make them coming again on your website over and over again.

It is also very positive for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Tips : Add an article every week in average, and Google will love you more and more !

Online payment for your online shop

Online payment for your online shop

Sell your products / services online with your e-comerce website, and get paid by Credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or Paypal.

Our solution integrates different payments types :

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Manual transfer

Set up your different accounts very easily from the admin console of your online shop, and get paid directly when a user is purchasing one of your product / service.

Don't miss the opportunity to get paid straight with our system.



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